Dental treatments in Hungary – how it works?

Combine your holiday and dental care in Budapest at affordable prices

About Furstner Dental Clinic

Furstner Dental Clinic is a private dentist in the heart of Budapest, Hungary, with many years of experience in dental tourism, offering affordable general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and dental implants by a team of qualified professionals. Established in 2001 Furstner Dental prides itself on providing exceptional services at a safe and calm environment, to make your procedures as relaxing as possible. Furstner dental offers multiple different treatments to suit all needs and requirements

Get the best quality treatment at our modern and welcoming clinic in the heart of Budapest and save up to 60% on your dental treatment costs. All cosmetic and dental implant treatments are available using the latest technologies delivered with the highest standards of quality. We have our own in-house laboratory to guarantee the fastest service possible with no waiting time for dental works.

Our dentists already improved thousands of smiles and we can do it for you.

In our clinic you are treated in a friendly and patient focused atmosphere. Our skilled dentists and experienced implant specialists deliver the best possible care with empathy and understanding so that each minute of treatment can be in comfort. We are open 6 days a week and our clinic operates with 4 high quality dental chairs, an x-ray room and an x-ray equipment with the possibility to take your own x-ray home on a CD. All dental work is done at our practice in our laboratory therefore the shortest waiting time guaranteed. We also have a reception area with friendly staff available 10 hours a day. Our dentists and staff is fluent in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Persian and Hungarian.

Our patients are coming from all walks of life and we pride ourselves to be recommended by expatriates, UN Members, well known public figures, Ambassadors of various countries, directors of many large and influential companies and well-known artists, politicians, musicians, scientist and actors. Many of our patients travelling from abroad just because our doctors were recommended to them.

Our dentists do an excellent work therefore our guarantee periods are longer than the industrial average. Our treatments are pain free by local anaesthesia, but those patients who dread of dentists or have dentist-phobia can have care with sedation. We have a variety of payment options available and we accept all main insurance packages

Professional organisations we are proud to be a member of:

Benefits of using Furstner Dental Clinic

Hungary is the country of dental works with a long history in dental tourism. By far Hungary is the first in the number of patients arriving from abroad to receive dental treatment in the country. More than half of all people in Europe whom are seeking dental treatment abroad are coming to Hungary. Why?

  1. No treatment waiting time. Many clinics like us having their own laboratory and arrange all dental work in-house therefore waiting times reduced to none. For example crowns usually take 2-3 sittings. First sitting is around 1hr and the next sitting onwards are to trials till the patient is satisfied with the tooth colour and shape. More treatment lengths here.
  2. Guarantee: You receive your guaranteed treatments at an established, modern clinic equipped with the latest technology at a fraction of your local rates. Please have a look at our guarantees here.
  3. Affordable prices: Dental costs in Hungary 40-60% lower than at your local dentist. Check out the list of our fees here.
  4. You are treated like a Star: From the 1st point of contact to the end of your journey you are taken care of. Our services include Patient Advise and Liaison Services in the UK, flight and hotel bookings, airport pickup and drop-off free of charge, free panoramic x-ray, you are a really valued patient. Please check out our list of offers and free services here.
  5. Dental rebate for Irish patients - Med 2 Form completion by our Clinic for your claim at home.
  6. Holiday in our historical lovely city in the heart of Europe. According to 128,000 readers who voted on the website of the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller travel magazine, Budapest is the second most beautiful city in the world.

    3.5 million tourists visiting Budapest each year to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and to admire the wonderful sights of the city. Budapest is situated next to the river Danube which divides the city into two halves both having a totally different look and feel. The Buda side has hills, providing breath-taking views over the historical Pest side. You can indulge yourself in cultural activities such as visiting the Buda Castle, Parliament, museums, theatres, the Opera House or you can relax in one of the many antique thermal baths; enjoy the large selection of exceptional local cuisine and wine or experience the night life at the entertainment district in this vibrant city.

If you feel like combining your dental care with visiting Budapest the only thing you have to do is book your flight tickets and we take care of the rest.

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Assistance in making the decision

We give you many help and assistance before making the decision about treatment with us:

  • Preparation of individual treatment plans that suits your needs and budget.
  • Consultation with your dentist to clarify all questions you might have regarding your treatment and costs.
  • We speak your language! Our dentists and staff fluent in English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Persian and Hungarian.

We support you in many ways after you made the decision to come to Budapest for treatment:

  • We assist you in booking low-cost flights and accommodation at partner hotels that are close to the clinic – in some cases these expenses are free of charge.
  • We arrange your airport pick up and drop off free of charge suitable to your schedule.
  • Support in organizing free time activity: What-to-do in Budapest guide booklet.
  • We have offer a variety of payment options and we accept all main insurance packages.
  • We accommodate your needs in regards to the lengths and the start of your treatment
  • Free annual check-ups and aftercare

We will make sure to keep your additional costs to the minimum with our several offers running throughout the year. You can also subscribe to our newsletter where you can keep an eye on our next offers and like our Facebook page to find out about ongoing promotions.

You can contact us via email or through our UK Patient Services Centre on 0800 644 6292 6 days a week – 10 hours a day.

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Three Step Dental Procedure Guide

  1. Contact us via phone at the UK Patient Services number 0800 644 6292 or on our contact form here

    We are happy to answer all your queries but in order to make the most accurate quote we will be needing:
    • a panoramic X-ray of your upper and lower teeth and jawbones including sinuses
    • a few good quality pics of your teeth and
    • a short description of your treatment requirement
    If you do not have a panoramic x-ray we are happy to arrange one done for you free of charge. After receiving the above information one of our dentists will make you a quote. This quotation will include all details for you to make an informed decision including: treatments, costs, number and lengths of visit(s) to Budapest, appointment times, payment details, warranty conditions and dental materials used.
  2. You are more than welcome to have more questions before making the final decision. When you are ready, happy with the treatment plan and the price quoted we can go ahead and schedule your visit to our Clinic. Now you need to book your flight and accommodation to Budapest. We are happy to assist you with all the bookings, advise you on hotels, flights and prices. In some cases these expenses will be free of charge for you. See more on our promotions and free services here.

    There are many budget airlines flying to Budapest with up to 13 flights daily. Upon request we can book your accommodation at one of our partner hotels and arrange your airport pickup and transfer to your chosen accommodation free of charge.
  3. In Budapest your treatment is carried out according to the appointment schedule and treatment plan given to you prior to your travel. You can go ahead and make plans to visit the city in between appointment times. Luckily our clinic is at a most central location therefore you will be at the heart of the action with many things to see and do.

    Remember your treatment will be taken care of at a modern clinic using the best dental materials available on the market. Our dentists and implant specialists will be making sure that you receive your treatments at the highest standard and totally pain free.

Rest assured our team at Furstner Dental Clinic will make your dental trip be as pleasant as possible and you can proudly return home with your brand new smile.

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Guarantee for treatments and materials

  • Fillings: we provide 12 months guarantee for the composite fillings made by our dentists.
  • Inlay, onlay, crown, dental bridge, denture and veneer (Hollywood smile): we provide 12 months guarantee. After the temporary sticking, the permanent sticking of these works are for free of charge.
  • Dental Implantation (implantation of root of tooth): 5 years guarantee T&CA If implant rejection occurs after the dental surgery our dentist will implant you another implant free of charge or pay you back the amount of money that you paid for the implantation of the implant. If bone augmentation was necessary for the implantation, the amount paid for the bone augmentation won’t be paid back.
  • Orthodontics: Perfect orthodontic result can only be achieved till the age of 12-13, till the growth direction of the jaw (maxilla) can perfectly be regulated. Above this age the result of orthodontics depends on the age of the patient, the growth direction of the jaw, and because of that the doctor will tell you on the first orthodontic examination the best achievable result, to which the patient’s agreement is also necessary.
  • Whitening: The lighter colour gained through the whitening process could only be maintained and preserved, if the patient doesn’t consume artificial or natural colouring. (eg. Coca Cola, butter, orange, coffee, tea, red wine, etc.)
  • The service provider does not provide any guarantee for: rescuing and saving dental treatments on teeth which are in the final state, like root-canal treatment, root tip resection, cyst removal. For these treatments the patient is given general information about the treatment and the doctor also clarifies the risks in advance, which the patient signs as a written agreement before the dental treatment begins. The dentistry charges the fee for these treatments even if they were unsuccessful in the case of the given patient, or if the patient doesn’t respond well to these treatments or provide only temporary solution for the problem.

The patient has to be aware of the conditions that apply for the guarantee, which include:

  • The patient has to see the doctor for control examination in every 6 month and respect the instructions of the doctor, and the recommendation of tartar removal if necessary. If you didn’t have the chance to visit our dentistry, we will also accept the certificate of the control from another dentist colleague proving your presence on a control examination.

For the successful maintenance of each dental treatment the cooperation of the patient is necessary.

Average treatment lengths

  • Crowns usually take 2-3 sittings. First sitting is around 1hr and the next sitting onwards are to trials till the patient is satisfied with the tooth colour and shape.
  • Veneers usually takes 7 working days with a few visits in between.
  • Implants depending on the number of teeth 1 sitting takes from 2hrs onwards. The patient can leave after 2-3 days to make sure that there is no complications and come back after 4-6 months, during which the healing takes place. After 4-6 months, we place the abutment they can come anytime after 1 week.
  • Teeth Whitening - 2 sittings - Scaling and Prophylaxis (Cleaning of teeth) is firstly done and after a week the whitening procedure is done which takes around 1.5 - 2hrs.

The teeth implants are our most sought after service. A patient spends 5-8 days on average in Hungary for treatment. This length of time usually takes two visits to Budapest. During this short period of time such complex dental treatments are carried out in high quality at our Clinic that might take months and cost 40-60% more in the UK or Ireland.

We will make sure to keep your additional costs to the minimum with our several offers running throughout the year. You can also subscribe to our newsletter where you can keep an eye on our next offers and like our Facebook page to find out about ongoing promotions.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about treatment lengths on individual cases.

Dental Promotions and Free Services

  • Free Advice and Liaison Service with free-to-call 0800 644 6292 number 6 days a week
  • Free consultation at Furstner clinic upon arrival – with a Free X-ray if need be
  • Free consultation with the dentist who made the quote - before you make the decision
  • Free annual check-ups and aftercare
  • Free Panoramic X- Ray: Refund on a Panoramic X-ray made in the UK / Ireland up to £30 / €35 upon presentation of receipt when you come for treatment.
  • Free Airport transfer: pickup and drop off from Airport to Hotel and back
  • Free What-to-See Guide Booklet to Budapest attractions, restaurants, nightlife (Hungary also)
  • Free medication during (local anaesthetic), before and after the treatment and a medication pack to take back to the hotel with you.
  • Membership Package – if two packages purchased within a family, children get it free of charge
  • Free return flight ticket from the UK or Ireland in the value of £140 / €180 when you spend over £3500 or €4000 for the treatment upon presentation of ticket invoice.
  • We offer one night accommodation for 2 person / one room at a hotel or guesthouse nearby the clinic in a value of €50 Euro if you spend over £2000 or €2300 euro
  • Assistance with bookings of low-cost airline flights
  • Booking accommodation at partner hotels in Budapest - on a variety of budgets
  • Non-routine dental relief for Irish patients - Med 2 Form completion by our Clinic for your claim at home.
  • We have many ongoing promotions and offers throughout the year please sign up for our newsletter and like our Facebook page to find out more.


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