Clients' questions

Which is a better tooth brush – Manual or Electric?

The ordinary tooth brush should be a small or medium sized head. The bristles should be medium (not sort or hard). The neck of the tooth brush should be slightly flexible.

Electric tooth brush must be 3D.

How can you prevent caries?

Caries can be prevented by regular and thorough brushing daily twice a day (morning and afternoon) with a circular motion. Don’t brush immediately after food as it will affect the enamel causing sensitivity. Floss can be used to clean in-between the teeth. Proper healthy diet and a regular dental check can help prevent caries.

Why is it necessary to remove the tartar?

The saliva in the mouth contains bacteria and precipitation of minerals of the saliva in the mouth on the tooth causes tartar.

They cause inflammation, “death” and absorption in the gum, then it moves into the bone tissue. Its first symptoms are gingival bleeding, then loosening the tooth and subsequent tooth loss. These can be prevented by a proper hygiene and gum management.

Why do the teeth change color?

There may be several reasons for this: food and drinks/ coffee, red wine, coca cola, medications etc. and in some cases, plaque. These can be eliminated by appropriate treatments, in some cases, old or bad fillings may be the cause.

Why are my teeth sensitive?

It can be caused due to dental caries, badly done fillings, crowns, unconscious habit of grinding or clenching of teeth. The periodontal disease can cause sensitivity to the neck of the neck of the tooth (cold and hot).

What causes bad breath?

There are several reasons for this: inflammations in the mouth (gum or possibly mucous membrane), tumors, carious teeth, improper fillings, crowns and implants. The bacteria in the tongue produce sulfur producing feast, thus causing bad breath. If none of the above is present, then most likely it can be a medical cause.

Can I eat immediately after filling?

If you have been anesthetized, then you would have to wait till the numbness goes out, because of the numbness you may bite yourself or may hurt your lip, your cheek or your tongue. However if your filling was done without anesthesia, you can eat immediately as the new fillings are made with the latest technology.

Until what age can we wear orthodontic appliances?

Wearing orthodontic appliances does not depend with age. Of course, we have to wait for all of the permanent teeth to come out because the milk teeth are not used as they will be replaced by permanent teeth. Regardless to this, the treatment has no age limits.

Are implants harmful to the body?

Implants are not harmful. Insertions of implant may fail (during the operation) and there may be complications and may have adverse consequences, but it is not due to the failure of an implant. Accidents can happen with the implants. For example, inflammation or problem around the gum of the implanted tooth just like in case of a normal tooth (though it would not be carious).


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