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Dr. József

Director & Oral Surgeon

Dr. Fürstner graduated Semmelweis University, Budapest, in 1992, he went on to pursue a Diploma in Implantology from Diplomed’ Universite of Implantology, Periodontology and Oral Rehabilitation, Pierre et Marie Curie Universite Paris.

In 1995, he went on to obtain a degree in the specialization of Tooth and Mouth Diseases from Haynal Imre University of Health Science, Budapest, and began his Straumann course on Prostheses with Implantology at Würzburg University, Germany.

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Dr. András

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Barsi earned his medical degree from Hungarian Dental University of Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest Hungary. After which he focused on mainly treating children at a Pediatric Dental Department at the IX District for two years. He went on to complete his course in specializing in Alveolar Surgery.

He worked as a Dentist in the National Bank and around the same time started his own private practice. He started working alongside with Dr. Fürstner at Fogaszati BiotechnologiaiIntezet ...

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Dr. Dóra


Dr. Tausz earned her medical degree from Hungarian Dental University of Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest Hungary. She studies Orthodontics at Heim Pál Pediatric Hospital and the Rókus Hospital in Budapest, and got her specialist degree in Orthodontics as well as Oral and Dental Illnesses.

She worked as a general dentist at the clinic of the Muncipality of District XIX in Budapest. Dr. Tausz studied numerous modern orthodontic procedures in Austria, Germany and Sweden. As a ...

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Dr. Houman


Dr. Houman Behbahani is a graduate dentist from Semmelweis University. After finishing high school in Tehran, Iran, he moved to Hungary to start his medical studies. After enrolling into premedical college in Budapest, he earned acceptance at Semmelweis University in 2005. During his dental studies, his interest in Biophysics lead him to win the Biophysics competetion in 2007. He graduated in 2010.

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Dr. Réka


Dr. Bévárdi graduated from Sieged Faculty of Dentistry in 2012 and since then she has been working with us. Not only is she specialized in endodontics, but she also done her practice exclusively in Esthetic Dentistry (which includes Veneers, Anterior Fillings, Face Aesthetics and Smile Designs). She admits though that her interests are on Pediatric, Esthetic and Conservative dentistry which she excels in. Not only is she an excellent team player but she is also a people person and empathizes with children when it comes to dental treatments.

She is open minded to modern creativity and loves to keep updated with the latest courses and technology in dentistry. During her free time she enjoys swimming and painting. She speaks fluent English and Italian.

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Dr. Gergely


Coming soon

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Head Nurse and Dental Hygienist

Eszter completed her schooling as a Dental Laboratory Technician in 1997. She then went on to work as a laboratory technician for the next 3 years in Wurzburg, Germany. In 2001-2009 she got an opportunity to work under Prof Windisch Fogaszatperiodontal head nurse.

During this time she completed her course in Dental Hygiene. A highly dedicated member of this team, she has been working here since 2009. Speaks German fluently and a little bit of Russian.

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Dental Assistant

Having studied economics in secondary school, Nikolett furthered and successfully completed her studies to become a dental assistant. She has been working here since 2016. She speaks fluent English.

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Dental Hygienist and Assistant

Though Gabriella graduated in Logistic Administration after high school, she knew her heart and interest always belonged to healthcare since childhood. Hence she further went on to complete her studies in being a dental Assistant. She has been in this team since 2013 and from 2017 she was been doing dental hygiene tasks too.

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Dental Receptionist

Graduated in Finance and Pay Roll administration from the National Qualification Registration Course, the first person you would usually meet at the practice who makes you feel welcome and relaxed before seeing the dentists is Laura.

She usually makes the appointments, answers phone calls, and executes all administrative tasks to the highest quality. She does her job with great responsibility making sure that the patient feels more welcome and relaxed before seeing the dentists.

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Patients and Insurance
Relations Coordinator

Andrea has been working with us since 2012. She completed her studies in Economics and Marketing and further went on to graduate in Finance and Accountancy. Her hobbies include sailing and folk dance. She speaks fluent English.

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Praxis Manager

Tunde studies were based on two area of interest: Tourism and Personal/Office Management. The latter course she completed from ForraiPrivat School. She went on to graduate in Hotel Management from Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences.

Her notion about the job was to combine the organizational and communication aspect in one which she succeeded getting it in Furstner Dentistry.

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Dr. Reshma
Ann Mathew

Public Relations Manager

Dr. Reshma graduated as a dentist from India and later on went to pursue and complete her Masters in Quality Improvement and Leadership Development in Healthcare from Helsinki University, Finland. Before moving to Budapest she was practicing as a dentist for 4 years in Nairobi Womens Hospital and alongside did volunteering work in Kenya. Currently she works as a Public Relations Manager for Fürstner Dentistry.

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